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I have to express my absolute delight about our lunch on Sunday. With the sit down Chinese food restaurant seemingly dying out, My husband and I were glad to see the all new Pearl East on Hope Street in Stamford. We decided to eat there for lunch. What a great last minute decision it was. Now, you know food is good if you dig in and forget about the reason you went there in the first place. Yes, I was also very hungry too, so that didn’t help. We decided to order some of our favorites just to see if they would be made to our liking. The dishes we tried were:

Egg Roll: Many Chinese restaurants have scaled down their version of the egg roll. I remember a time when the egg roll was a bountiful of goodness wrapped up in a crunchy shell. The egg rolls I have eaten of late are a much slimmer versions of the egg roll of the past. Not Pearl East’s version. It was perfectly plump,crispy and full of cabbage, pork and shrimp. A delightful surprise. Before I ordered, I wondered why there wasn’t a shrimp roll on the menu. So, if you have a shellfish allergy be aware that their egg roll has shrimp in it and opt for the vegetable egg roll.

Beef & Broccoli: Delicious!!! The seasoning was perfect. It was the right harmony of not too salty and not too sweet. It had just enough sauce to coat our rice without being too saucy. The beef was melt in your mouth tender and the broccoli was cooked just enough to still have a crunch. The dish was simple yet everything I wanted it to be.


General Tso: The actual reason we wanted Chinese food to begin with. It was very good, but my least favorite of the dishes we ordered. That’s not saying much though. I like that the chicken was light and crispy and the sauce wasn’t overly sweet. I would have liked a little more heat in the sauce. Also, it had too much sauce for my taste, but with that being said, it was still very good.


It’s funny, My husband and I only ate once at the old Pearl East on Summer Street. So, we weren’t sure what to expect. The Hope street restaurant has only been open for about 2 weeks, and they are off to a great start. They also have a sushi menu too. If you get a chance, try the Phoenix Roll too.


On a scale from 1 to 7,

Pearl East gets a 6


We will definitely be going back.


Pearl East Chinese and Japanese Restaurant

323 Hope Street, Stamford, CT 06907


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